Next.js + Payload cms Local API Vercel deployment

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p.s.nikhil12 months ago

How do i make use of local API and deploy both frontend and expresss app (payload cms) together

Any starter template ?

Or should i deploy it seperatly and use Rest API

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    nball12 months ago

    Local API works when CMS and front end are colocated. Like this:

    Else use REST or GraphQL for separated front and back ends. For example when hosting Nextjs with Vercel and using Payload Cloud.

    There is also a Serverless option which I think is fairly recent. That allows you to colocate on Vercel, although you still need to set up mongo DB Atlas, etc.

    Sure enough, the next-payload option allows local API. And I need to try that!

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    .lucascamargo11 months ago

    Admin route does not work with the application in production hosted on vercel. I'm using custom-server. Locally it works, in prod it doesn't.

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