Passport strategy called, passed a Payload user - still null on /users/me?

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3 months ago

So I'm diving into passport strategies in Payload at the moment, and I decided to start somewhat small with a passport-custom strategy.

The end plan is to create one that verifies the firebase JWTs from my React Native apps.

I've added it as a strategy in the users collection:

 auth: {
    strategies: [
        name: "custom",
        strategy: () => customStrategy(),

And here's the customStrategy:

export default (): Strategy => {
  const strategy = new Strategy(async (req, done) => {
    // Extracts the JWT
    const token = extractJWT(req);
    if (!token) {
      done(null, false);

    // Verifies and decodes the JWT
    const verifiedToken = await verifyToken(token);

    // Finds the user
    if (verifiedToken) {
      const userDoc = await payload.find({
        collection: "users",
        where: {
          oauthId: {
            equals: verifiedToken.user_id,
        showHiddenFields: true,

      // The user exists, so it should work
      const user =[0];
      if (user && > 0) {
        // Yes, user exists. Passing the user document to done
        done(null, user);
    } else {
      done(null, false);

  return strategy;

It's green down until the done() callback.

The user exists and is passed to the callback.



still returns null.

The strategy names seems to be (simplified version:)

${collection}-${name / index}

, when set up in Payload where the passport.use() is called with the strategy.

Ideas? Am I missing anything obvious in the implementation?

Overriding the /users/me endpoint to return req.user solves the issue. The strategy looks like it's been working all along 😅

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