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Martin R
12 months ago

Can you only include the languages supported by your project? Selecting Chinese when my custom fields still need to be translated in the CMS; feels counterintuitive.

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    Payload Team
    12 months ago

    The internationalization of the admin panel and the localization of documents are separate by design. Is this what you're referring to?

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    Martin R
    11 months ago

    Internationalization of the admin has many languages. For example, I would like only to have English and Français and expand the languages when my custom components get translated and ready to enter the target market in the relevant countries.

    I solved this by creating a custom Account view. My doubt about custom views is that PayloadCMS changes fast and breaks the custom views. My implementation uses "payload/dist/.." because the components are not exported yet.

    Can I rely on custom views, or is the payload customization not a safe option?

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    11 months ago

    I think it is safe-ish for now. I believe our roadmap has an item about exporting more components. Which you could then import from a path like ‘payload/components/…’ which will be more reliable for external use. This way we can move folders around but still ensure they export to the same place.

    But I do not see a time in our near future where key elements/views would need to be moved, so safe-ish is my answer for now.

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