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geeberrylast year

Hey there - I have a small online community, and I manage/run the website. We have a wiki thats roughly 400-500 pages with images/text, hosted on Vercel (using NextJS) and ours CMS is Sanity. Currently I'm the only one with access to edit those wiki pages, but I want to open it up to the broader community to help contribute/edit, and thats not possible using Sanity.

I want my users to just be able to SSO to a Payload backend via Discord, automatically grant write/edit perms based on their role in Discord, and let them edit or publish drafts to their hearts content

I'd like to keep this easy and cost effective...the site doesn't change much, but is image heavy so I would hook up something like S3 to handle that

My questions are:

- Is Payload a good and cost-effective solution to this? Like I said I currently have roughly 400 pages with roughly 2GB of assets.

- Is the Discord SSO possible on a self-hosted instance?

- Would hosting it on Vercel (via this guide

) be cheaper in the long run, or should I just throw it on a DigitalOcean droplet?

Thank you for anyone reading and helping me make this decision! thanks

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    thisisnotchrislast year

    Hello @geeberry !

    - Payload is FREE (although they provide an impressive cloud service). It also can handle many pages with lots of data well

    - SSO is not included (enterprise plugin), however, you could author a custom provider for authentication pretty easily!

    I'm not sure of the comparison between Vercel / DO. I know many users here use Vercel or DO.

    I think other community members could give you more info too

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    geeberrylast year

    Cool - thank you @thisisnotchris , I don't mind authoring a custom provider (I think I've found a plugin that could work already). I realize most of my questions were related outside of payloadcms (and more to do with hosting providers).

    Thanks for the insight!

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