Payload seems to refuse to serve response to a request during revalidation of Next.js app

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4 months ago


I have a monorepo setup with Payload and Next.js.

I use a


router in Next.js, and I use on demand static revalidation. The static revalidation works, until to a point, where it seems Payload refuses to serve a meaningful JSON response to my Next.js application during the revalidation phase (therefore the revalidation crashes).

When I change content in Payload CMS, and I save it once, the revalidation works. If I save it twice, three four times it still works.

However, when I want to save the content on like a 10th try or a certain amount of seconds after the first save, revalidation error is thrown as the fetch from Next.js to Payload CMS doesn't return a JSON content as it should.

Ok, it seems like I solved it. Both Payload CMS and Next.js are behind a Traefik (half proxy). I thought it can be a rate limiting problem and it was! In according to Payload documentation I implemented this into configuration and now every request to Payload during revalidation returns an OK JSON response. Now even a huge amount of revalidation requests (1 revalidation every second) finish correctly.

rateLimit: {
    trustProxy: true,
    max: 5000,
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