Payload starting, webpack compiled, but site cannot be reached after upgrading.

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Very strange issue that has started to occur around when version 1.14 was released. I upgraded my Payload instance from 1.11 to 1.14 and now when running Payload and navigating to /admin, the site cannot be reached. It's happened now on a couple of my projects, but replicating it seems difficult. The only commonality between the two projects is they were both updated to Payload 1.14. The frontend and the api are not responding. It is as if express cannot find the node app

I have tried rolling back Payload to version 1.11, deleting the database, refreshing my yarn cache, and deleting my node modules, but the problem persists.

The only warning I see in the console is

crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.

My current fix is creating a brand new Payload project. Obviously this isn't ideal so any help is appreciated!

A little bit of digging, payload.getAdminURL() is returning /admin, rather than



Error was entirely my fault. I had changed the name of my environment variable and as a result, the app was not using it properly.

However, I would have expected this message to have been flagged at some point -
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