Payload with Cloudflare R2

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nnad8 months ago

I was wondering if you could use R2 with the AWS adapter, since Cloudflare supports using AWS SDK. Had anyone tried doing this or is this just a bad idea?

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    nlvogel8 months ago

    I do this. I didn't have to configure anything different than the walkthrough in the AWS adapter. Set "region" to auto.

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    nnad8 months ago

    That's cool! Thanks for the answer.

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    unit68 months ago

    Same here, it just worked out of the box with the official cloud storage plugin

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    jm.sv8 months ago

    @nlvogel @unit6 did your configs look like this? I'm getting an "unauthorized" response when trying to upload. Did you have to configure your local IP / do anything on the Cloudflare dasboard aside from creating the API key with the rihgt permissions?

    Nevermind! I removed my personal IP from the "Client IP" options in the API Key and it works as expected

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