payload.find return no results when collection use 'localized: true' option

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7 months ago

I have just notice that when i create a string field 'slug' like this:

  fields: [
      name: 'slug',
      type: 'text',
      unique: true,
      localized: true,
      index: true,
      admin: {
          readOnly: true,
          position: 'sidebar',
      hooks: {
          beforeValidate: [
              ({ req: { payload }, data }) => {
                  if (payload) {
                      return slugify(, {lower: true})

with the localized:true option,

and execute a find query:

      let scrapped_brands = await payload.find({
        collection: "brands",
        where: {slug: { equals: 'slug1'}},

the query returns no results even when there are actually results in the database.

after some investigation i have noticed that the buildQuery function doesnt build the query correctly.

on document 'node_modules/payload/dist/mongoose/buildQuery.js'

the query that was created is:

{ 'slug.null': { '$eq': 'apple' } }

when removing the

{localized: true}

option and build again, then i gets the documents as expected and the buildQuery shows a correct query like this:

{ slug: { '$eq': 'apple' } }

not sure if this is a bug, but i wasted few hours on this one 😦

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    Payload Team
    7 months ago

    Hey @megetron if you're querying on a localized collection, you need to specify the locale in your query. There are examples of how to do this with the local / rest API here
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    7 months ago

    Also, did you enable localization project wide? You can find the info about that at the top of the docs page Jess sent over

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    7 months ago

    didn't want to use the localization at all, so this issue was a mis-use of payload.

    maybe it was helpful to add a short warning message that says that the localize was not found instead of just retreive the 'slug.null' value.

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