payload.findByID NotFound error: The request resource was not found

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I'm making a collection access control function and want to check if the user is a manager of the organization being udpated. I am getting the error that findById was not found, despite it working elsewhere and having checks for the req.

The error happens only when I am logging in. If I comment out the code and log in first, and then use it, things work as they should.

import { Access } from "payload/types"; export const isManagerOfOrganizationOrAdmin: Access = async ({ req, id }) => { if (!req || !req.user) return false; if (req?.user?.roles?.includes('admin')) return true; const organization = await req?.payload?.findByID({ collection: 'organizations', id, depth: 0, }); // If the user is a manager of the organization return organization?.managers?.includes(; }

export const Organizations: CollectionConfig = { slug: 'organizations', admin: { useAsTitle: 'name', }, access: { create: isAdmin, update: isManagerOfOrganizationOrAdmin, read: () => true, },
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