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Place custom fields in collection meta?

last month

Do we have access to the


as a custom

admin: { position: ... }}


I'd like to add a custom "Preview URL" and "Published URL" link/label to the bottom right collection meta...

Currently, it looks like I can add this to the


... but I'd like to use the bottom right meta instead.

Also, is it possible to set a position weight for items in the sidebar, so that items can be placed above/below other items ... when using plugins to introduce fields to collections, it's hard to keep the order of items synchronized.

  • dribbens
    Payload Team
    last month

    It would be nice to have more control on the meta like you're saying. I would open a github discussion as a feature request. I think others would be interested in this as well. We have the


    property, it could be extended to push fields to meta I would think.

    As for ordering fields, they just come in the order that they appear in the config. I'm unsure why you would need a


    property instead.

  • David
    last month

    @dribbens if I modify the collection via a handful of plugins, and then also add fields to the collection config itself ... it becomes a pain to figure out where my field is going to be placed.

    Say for example I have two plugins which automatically attach fields to every collection in the sidebar ... then in a specific collection I want to add a couple fields to the sidebar, but I want the first sidebar field on the top, and the second on the bottom ... with my plugins sidebar fields in the middle.

    Plugin 1 - "user history", which adds fields for "Created By" and "Updated By"

    Plugin 2 - "slugs" which adds auto-generated slugs to my collections

    Collection A - adds a relationship to my image uploads to the sidebar, and also adds a relationship to a Categories collection, and a Tags collection

    I'd like to have the Category and Tags on the top, the Slug, the Featured Image, then Created By and Updated By

    This is a bit of an acrobatic feat with the current "in whatever order they were added" solution - a simple weighting system would allow me to prioritize the sidebar items and they could then be sorted by this ... using a simple default of say 10 or 20 for fields that don't explicitly specify the weight, allows for other fields to go before or after them easily

  • dribbens
    Payload Team
    last month

    I definitely see your point! I'm considering how we should go about this.

  • Tinouti
    last week

    Hi folks! I was actually just looking into how I could do just that, but sounds like this isn't yet a possibility, is that correct?

    Should we create a feature request for it on github? đź‘€

  • dribbens
    Payload Team
    last week

    @Tinouti That would be a big help. We bump feature requests to the roadmap this way.

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