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Plugin stripe - error has occurred in the Stripe plugin REST handler

last month

HI @jacobsfletch , I'm using your super stripe plugin for payload (thanks for the deployment) and unfortunately I'm having an error that I can't understand very well

When I do a request via postman on my url "localhost:3000/api/stripe/rest", I have this error:

    "message": "An error has occurred in the Stripe plugin REST handler: 'TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'bind')'"

with this config:

 plugins: [
      stripeSecretKey: process.env.PRIVATE_STRIPE,
      logs: true,
      sync: [
          collection: "customers",
          stripeResourceType: "customers",
          stripeResourceTypeSingular: "customer",
          fields: [
              fieldPath: "email", // my unique field in my collection
              stripeProperty: "email", 

Thanks in advance for you help and thank again for the implementation of this plugin !

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