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[Possible bug] How to clean a field using the dispatch from useFormFields?

3 weeks ago

Hi there! I am using useFormFields to get the dispatch method for an UPDATE action. Sometimes I need to clean a field, so I dispatchName(undefined). That clears the form correctly, but when I click 'Save Draft' the old value reappears and is saved in Mongo. Any insights on what's going on?

const dispatchName = useFormFields(

([_, dispatch]) =>

(value: string) =>


type: 'UPDATE',

path: NamePath,

value: value




P.S: it seems to work better with dispatching 'null'

@jmikrut Do you know if have anyone seen this before?

  • jmikrut
    Payload Team
    3 weeks ago

    yeah you will need to send


    to clear a field

  • Cerize
    3 weeks ago

    thanks @jmikrut for confirming!

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