[Potential bug] global.update() with a non-localized relationship fields?

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3 months ago

Take the following global:

  slug: 'test',
  label: 'Test',
  fields: [
      name: 'relationship',
      type: 'relationship',
      relationTo: 'regions',
      required: false,
      localized: false,
      name: 'description',
      type: 'textarea',
      required: true,
      localized: true,

Through the admin, everything works fine. I can change locale, add/change the description field, and it saves no problem.

Now when I try to do the following


request to the API



  "description": "Description en francais"

I get the following error:

  data: [...],
  message: "The following field is invalid: relationship"
  name: "ValidationError"

This looks like a bug to me, but wanted to check with y'all first to make sure I didn't miss something obvious. 🤔

Reproed it in the main repo, created a GitHub issue:


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