Preview token variable undefined when upgrading to Payload 1.11.3

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2 months ago

Hi All, I checked the release logs but could not find an explanation for this behavior: After upgrading to 1.11.3 the token within a collection admin.preview function is undefined. It is working on 1.11.2. Has something changed within the API or is this a bug?

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    last month

    Ran into the same problem. In my case what fixed it was logging out and in. I was working on the preview function in dev mode, after a hot-reload (when I saved my code) it gave me undefined. Relogging fixed this.

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    last month

    I am also running into this issue. It's weird that the site continue to function while the token is already undefined.

    I created a pull request to actually fix the issue. See

    I also added a temporary fix while the bug is not yet fixed

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    2 weeks ago

    Thanks, the issue has been resolved in
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