Query documents using where filter on field populated with beforeRead hook

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Payload Team
9 months ago

@svnx the hooks you are referencing only exist on the collection, for field hooks you can use beforeValidate, beforeChange, afterChange and afterRead.

You can absolutely calculate the field value from a hook - for this scenario, after you query all published articles, map over the articles and return an array containing all the article ids.

something like this

const getPublishedArticles: FieldHook = async () => {
  const articles = await payload.find({
    collection: 'articles',
    where: {
      published: {
        equals: true,

  if (articles.docs) {
    return articles.docs.map((doc) => doc.id);

  return null;

oh I see you're using the REST API, in which case just swap out the payload.find portion with your query ^

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    9 months ago

    @jesschow thanks for the quick reply πŸ™‚ I'm not sure if I understood you correctly. I'll provide some screenshots this time to better describe what I'm trying to achieve. Basically I tried to filter the


    array using built-in


    filter on such field:

    This value is "updated" by beforeRead hook set on the collection:

    And I tried do something like this:

    but the docs array will be always empty because


    is always


    in database

    and I'm afraid it's just by design and there's nothing I can do about that πŸ˜„ I just wanted to make a "dynamic" field to make querying a bit easier (it's simpler to check one calculated


    boolean than multiple conditions)

    I started with the


    hook set on field but the behaviour was the same - API filters documents before running hooks

    Bump with TLDR;

    Is there a simple way to use β€žwhere” filter in GraphQL / REST API on virtual field? (virtual field = its value is dynamically calculated using beforeRead hook on collection, example is above)

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