query local data in afterChange hook

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8 months ago

I'm trying to send an email each time a user creates a visit on my website, I have a collection called visits with two relationships [users, activity], in the afterChange hook I just get the user and activity id's, so I was trying to query the full data and then send the email, but always get

Promise { <pending> }

hooks: {
    afterChange: [
      ({ doc }) => {
        const { attendee, visitType, activity } = doc;

        const getAtendee = async attendeeId => {
          const atendeeData = await payload.find({
            collection: 'users',
            where: {
              id: {
                equals: attendeeId,

          return atendeeData;

        // payload.sendEmail(ActivityRegister()); // This is the email

I don't know if this is the right way to get the full data :S

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    8 months ago

    First off, you can get the user off the


    which is an argument just like


    , using req.user. That way you don’t have to query the users collection. But the reason you are logging a pending promise is because you would need to


    getAttendee since it is async.

    However, I would just change the hook to async (by adding


    before the fn), and get rid of the inner async function wrapper.

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    8 months ago

    I need the data from the user in the relationship, not always it’s going to be the same that creates the doc. I’m going to change the async fn to see if that fix the query. Thanks!!!

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