Random blank pages

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last month

At some point I had a collection named "layouts", then I removed it.

I restored it today and now I get random blank screens when I try to navigate to the page.

I also get the accompanying error message:

[11:38:27] ERROR (payload): NotFound: The requested resource was not found.
@kanexa/api:dev:     at findByID (/Users/donutmuncha/dev/projects/donuts/node_modules/.pnpm/payload@1.15.8_typescript@4.8.4/node_modules/payload/src/collections/operations/findByID.ts:105:13)

Has anyone else come across this?

How can I fix it?

I should also add that I'm still on Payload


. I won't be migrating across just yet

This was human error, I used


I didn't link the name to the correct field in order to retrieve a value

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