Re-generate types in next?

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gregwhitworth12 months ago

I'm building a next site that includes payload-next and I keep hitting an issue where the types aren't being generated and thus breaking things. I don't have access within this solution to run

payload generate:types

and so I'm curious how I force this? While not exactly the same but related, I likewise would like to add in seeding.


Yep, this doesn't happen upon deploying my project into Github which kicks off a CI/CD preview in Netlify. And since it does a complete build I do think it's due to the types being out of sync. So any insights into how I can bring these together would be appreciated.

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    imcorfitz12 months ago

    You could maybe trigger it prior to build?

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    gregwhitworth11 months ago

    @imcorfitz thank you that fixed it!!

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