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hellboy12412412 months ago

Hey, like the title says, I am wondering if there is a native way with payload CMS to execute a recursive category search, for example my schema:

Products - id, slug, name, category (relationship), ...

Categories - id, slug, name, parent (relationship to self), ...

Now, what I basically want to do, when I'm querying /api/products, I'm sending { where: { category: { equals: 'some-category-id' } } } to the API, I would want it to be recursively including all the child categories for that category? Is that possible or are there any other hack-y ways to achieve this?

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    ysione11 months ago

    Hi, sounds like max depth should help with that
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    hellboy12412411 months ago

    Hey, in what sense would that help? Right now, in a rather hack-y way I added a new endpoint to the categories called /hierarchy, which I then get on the frontend, and once I am in a category, I just send that category + all of it's children with it, but it's not really optimal, so I'm curous to how I would be able to optimise that a bit

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    11 months ago

    You’d need to use the


    operator for your query and send an array of category ids like this:

    { category: { in: [123, 456] }}

    To easily get a list of ids within your category tree, you could install the official nested docs plugin and enable it on your category collection

    This will generate a


    array on each category, this will enable you to query on the top level breadcrumb to get all categories within that hierarchy

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