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Alessio 🍣
10 months ago

How can I provide values to the RenderFields component? I have a fieldschema, and want to render them with values already assigned to them

(reason: I'm implementing payload's


field inside of the richtext editor)

With RenderFields I'm planning to render the fields I set in a modal inside of the editor (which accepts a react component). However, so far I only managed to display the fields without initial values

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    Payload Team
    10 months ago

    so RenderFields just renders the fields themselves that then subscribe to the parent form state

    so there should be a parent form for wherever you render RenderFields

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    Alessio 🍣
    10 months ago

    aaah right, thank you! I've tried that, but it does not seem to update the value of RenderFields.

    Here's the initialValue I'm inputting:

    And the fieldSchema:


    But it doesn't seem to work

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    Payload Team
    9 months ago

    hey @Alessio 🍣 figured I'd check in on this old one - did you get what you need here?

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    Alessio 🍣
    9 months ago

    Hey! Still didn't figure this out sadly, but I set the project where I needed it on hold for now

    I'm looking into it again and this still doesn't work for me. I got this code:

    import * as React from "react";
    import { Suspense, useEffect, useState } from "react";
    import { Block, Field } from 'payload/types';
    import { Data, Fields } from 'payload/dist/admin/components/forms/Form/types';
    import Form from "payload/dist/admin/components/forms/Form";
    import FormSubmit from "payload/dist/admin/components/forms/Submit";
    import fieldTypes from "payload/dist/admin/components/forms/field-types";
    import RenderFields from "payload/dist/admin/components/forms/RenderFields";
    export default function PayloadBlockDisplayComponent({
    }: {
      block: Block,
      values: Data
    }): JSX.Element {
      console.log("Values", values)
      console.log("Fieldschema", block)
      let valuesNoUndefined: Fields = values;
      // remove undefined fields
      Object.keys(valuesNoUndefined).forEach((key) => {
        if (valuesNoUndefined[key] === undefined) {
          delete valuesNoUndefined[key];
      console.log("valuesNoUndefined", valuesNoUndefined)
      return (
        <Suspense fallback={<span>Loading block...</span>}>
           <Form onSubmit={() => {}} initialState={valuesNoUndefined}>

    But it displays nothing, even if "valuesNoUndefined"/"values" is set

    As an example, this is the "values" I'm providing:

    And the fieldschema:

    As you can see, "values"/"valuesNoUndefined" which is fed into the Form initialState does have values!

    But it's still displaying as empty fields 😦

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    Payload Team
    8 months ago

    well, here's the discrepancy:

           <Form onSubmit={() => {}} initialState={valuesNoUndefined}>


    is a fully formed form state, that should match this type:

    if you use React Devtools and look at the form state, we store all fields as a flat object - where the


    is the


    of the field, using dot notation for nesting / arrays / etc. and the


    matches the type above


    to create this form state, you can use the function that we rely on internally, which matches up a field schema to field data, and generates the form state for you

    you can see that in use within the default collection Edit view, here:
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    Alessio 🍣
    8 months ago

    aaah thank you, buildStateFromSchema works perfectly here!

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    Payload Team
    8 months ago


    i cant wait to have these types of threads on our website

    this is good stuff

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    Alessio 🍣
    8 months ago

    Yep - I saw the beta version you put on that website - it's looking great!

    Would be dope if you can add a discord bot / search functionality which


    the text as well. E.g. so if I search for "Show payload fields in a component"or something like that, it would find the "RenderFields component" thread as well.

    Discord's internal search functionality is a complete failure in that regard

    In Railway's discord they used to have a bot which searches their docs/discord threads contextually every time a new thread is opened, and provide a


    solution immediately after opening a thread

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    8 months ago

    They “used” to?

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    Alessio 🍣
    8 months ago

    yea, they still have it but now it just links to their relevant docs page. It says "experimental" so they're prob still playing with it 🤷‍♂️

    would be trivial to implement though

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