req.collection is undefined for AfterRead in FIELD HOOK (not collection hook)

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3 months ago

I'm writing a custom field with an AfterRead field hook (not collection hook), and I want to access the collection this hook is being run from. When I try to access


from the hook's arguments, it's undefined. When I try using collection hooks instead, the


is NOT undefined as expected.

Is there a way to access the collection in field hooks?

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    Payload Team
    3 months ago

    Looking into this right now!

    @bombnp Hm I cannot reproduce it. Tried adding an afterRead hook to a field, and


    works perfectly.

    Could you try creating a minimal reproduction using this guide:


    Specifically this is what I tried, and req.collection does exist here

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    3 months ago

    Wth I tried to create a minimal reproduction repo with the same code and it works fine.

    Then, I went back to my own project with the same code and it somehow works fine now without any changes. Maybe some shenanigans with nodemon i guess. Sorry for wasting your time

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