Select cropping and focal point for image uploads

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oloflarsson12 months ago

Ive worked a lot with Umbraco CMS which in many ways is a very nice cms. One thing it does very well is handling cropping of images, you basically create a new Media Picker as a datatype and give it unique cropping settings that only that specific picker will return, then you can chose focal points directly as you edit the image and get a realtime overview of how it will be cropped. You can then also change quality of the image by changing the quality attribute in the url.

In Payload it seems that you create cropping options which then takes place on every single image you manage in the media collection. And quality is a global setting as well.

Is what im mentioning possible as of now in a simple way? If not it would be a great addition 🙂

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    12 months ago

    The ability to choose focal points and customize cropping option in the UI is not currently possible. That being said, we have big plans to revamp the upload UI to allow for all of the abilities you describe. No ETA yet, so stay tuned 👍

    Select cropping and focal point for image uploads

    We will likely repurpose this discussion:

    Feel free to add details in there

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    oloflarsson12 months ago

    Will do!

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