Should I use the Next + Payload setup?

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2 months ago

Hi - i'm confused regarding the templates downloaded with

npx create-payload-app


downloads the regular node express app




uses a serverless





while the old node express setup has been archived

I understand the




templates contain the front-end

But as I'm still learning I want to keep payload and the front end separate to avoid additional confusion for now

So my question is : should I use the


serverless setup?

I can still use it with a remote front-end right?

My aim is to host it on a VPS, not on vercel

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    Payload Team
    2 months ago

    Hey @.wsz great question! If you simply want to use Payload as the backend and hook it up to your frontend of choice - I'd suggest you just start with the blank template. That will give you a compiled + packaged version of Payload.

    You can just run

    npx create-payload-app project-name -t blank

    and that will get you in a good spot to move forward. Give that a shot and let us know if you need anything else.

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    Payload Team
    2 months ago

    You could always boot up one of the other templates and just remove the nextjs code / only keep the payload stuff. The front ends rely on payload but payload does not rely on the frontend

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    2 months ago

    thanks for the suggestions 👍

    I'm already running the blank standalone version which is working great

    As I'm slowly starting to grasp the advantages of using the next+payload template, I would like to migrate progressively by building the front end of from scratch, by using


    as usual and progressively implementing local api calls

    So I'd like to do what Jarrod suggested, but is there any downside to this method?

    I've read here and there on the discord that the next+payload template wasn't stable yet

    Also, can I make it work with the

    pages router

    instead of the

    app router

    ? I tried removing the

    /app dir

    inserting a single


    hello world page but got overwhelmed with crashes and errors

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