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Specify the name or path of upload

4 weeks ago

I have a 2 collections first is for products with preview image field (upload type) in it as well as field for other images of the product, second one to store those images -



I wanted on image upload (for example from


collection) to change the name or/and file path of it to fit product title like:


or at least to change the name to something like this:


So is there a way to change default uploading name for example via


hook, because i dont quite understand how to do it?

Or maybe it possible to provide some function to




to make it conditional?

Thank for answers

  • dribbens
    Payload Team
    4 weeks ago

    There is a Github discussion on this topic:

    You should be able to handle it in a


    similar to marked answer.

  • Daniq
    4 weeks ago

    Thank, this solution might work, but if i create hook on


    then i cant have an access to information about product from which i created a media 😦

    so i cant provide a product title or something like that into hook

    So i media collection hook dont knows from where it was edited last time or something like that

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