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Steps to work with Payload CMS

last week

The question is what are correct steps that most people are working with Payload CMS. As I understand, you do your development process locally. When you are changing collection in typescript, nodemon restartd local server and you see you changes on left nav menu, you see you new collection and etc. When you finish your local work - you updated and tested all your collections in typescript - you committed your changes to version control.

Production server is running by yarn serve, so you update collections (ts) at production, rebuild production, run yarn serve at production and it is ready to enter data.

note: production does not have nodemon, so server should be restarted there to see all recent changes.

Is that correct process?

  • Jarrod
    Payload Team
    last week

    Yeah that is the gist, you can use a process manager on your server, like PM2 - just an easier way to manage the start/stop/restart of processes (i.e. yarn serve)

  • agolovan
    last week

    thank you

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