Subscribe to DB changes in custom React components?

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TheDuncolast year

Hi all,

I'm wondering if there's a way to somehow subscribe to value updates either from the database or from the api? Essentially I'm trying to make a React component that only shows up if a specific checkbox field in a global is set to


. How would I go about doing this? Any ideas?

I can use a useFetch hook to fetch the data from the api, but then there's no way to "revalidate" that without polling which is why somehow I'd like to be able to hook into or subscribe to that value with my own custom React component.

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    thisisnotchrislast year

    @TheDunco This is kind of like what SSE's do, right?

    Similar to sockets, where a subscription exists on an event

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    TheDuncolast year

    Mmm, I've never really worked with SSEs or read too much about them, but that seems kinda like what I would need. Is it possible with Payload? Would this be connecting to the Mongo database or the Payload API?

    I think if I learn the API and have time to mess around with it (and it works) this will work for me, thanks @thisisnotchris!

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    thisisnotchrislast year

    @TheDunco Let me know if you need help! There may be other ways too, but this looks promising

    You'd basically use the EventSource interface on the front end

    const events = new EventSource('http://localhost:3001/events');

    Then in Payload/express, you can send data

    And then you can listen to when the eventSource receives data via a subscription on the frontend

    Very similar to sockets, except a one-way flow

    it also accepts credentials if the eventSource needs to be restricted

    Good luck!!

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    TheDuncolast year


    Ah, that makes sense, very cool

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    thisisnotchrislast year

    Of course, no prob! Lets play some RL soon 😄

    OH should mention, ESBuild uses event source, but like other interfaces, it comes with its own caveats etc
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