Suggestions for syncing local / prod databases

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katie.lewis10 months ago

Hi! If we are hosting payload ourselves are there any suggestions for how to manage publishing development data to a production environment? In our use case, we are planning to build our company website on top of payload cms but we would want to be able to make modifications to the website locally and then publish changes once finished (schema and data). I couldn't find any documentation on the recommended way to handle this process? I was thinking we may need to write a script to do a mongodump / mongorestore but if there is a better way, I'm keen to hear it! Cheers

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    notchr10 months ago

    @katie.lewis Hey Kate, good morning

    I think it varies depending on your setup, and it's overall an opinionated topic

    But I'm happy to share my scenario at work

    We have a public facing website that uses Payload to update content.

    When we setup the local dev enviornment, we decided that we would have two mongo databased setup on the server, one for dev and one for prod

    This way, when we make payload changes in our dev enviorment, we don't have to worry about migrating data to the database

    Then, once we make some edits in our local dev enviorment, I have a script that handles our "CD", but it's pretty hacky

    Typically, you'd have a clean continuous deployment setup in your repository, but I don't

    I run a shell script that handles the uploading of new files

    That shell script looks like...

    pscp.exe -pw redacted -r -batch ./client/dist root@myserver:/var/www/
    pscp.exe -pw redacted -r -batch ./payload/dist root@myserver:/var/www/
    pscp.exe -pw redacted -r -batch ./payload/build root@myserver:/var/www/

    Again, I chose to use pscp, which is a Windows CLI tool that does some things like ssh transfers, etc

    But I copy over my client dist files (public site), and both my payload dist and payload build folders to their respective directories

    That only takes a few seconds to complete (after we build the production files)

    The last thing I do after, is I restart my pm2 process, pm2 is managing our payload instance on the server so that it can be easily restarted

    PM2 can take a startup file, this is convinient if your pm2 instance somehow isnt able to recover its processes

    You make a file on your server, in this case


    Mine looks like....

    module.exports = {
      apps: [{
        name: "payload",
        cwd: "/var/www/",
        script: "npm",
        args: "run serve"
      }, // Other things to run in the bg

    You can start the process listed via

    pm2 start ecosystem.config.js

    And then any time you want to restart your payload app going forward, just type

    pm2 restart all

    So to review - build your prod files, run the shell script, run the pm2 restart command on the server

    and BOOM! easy deployments

    Note: again there are 1000 ways to deploy, and this is just one that works for our needs

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