Tailwind for admin panel

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sejdenlast year

Hi! Is there a way I can use Tailwindcss for components inside the admin panel?

Currently trying with this inside



export default buildConfig({
    css: path.resolve(__dirname, "admin/style/global.css")

Should it be done differently?

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    last year


    funny, we were just talking about this

    you should be able to do that @Sejden

    I've never used Tailwind but loading up extra CSS like that is done exactly how you're attempting to do it

    also, if it's not showing / working for you, try to

    rm -Rf node_modules/cache
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    sejdenlast year

    It worked after cleaning the cache. Thanks!

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    ysionelast year

    @Sejden Hi, I want to use tailwind for panel too but when I add it, it breaks some of payload styles

    Did you encounter the same problem?

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    sejdenlast year

    Hi @Ysione! You have to disable the Tailwind preflight, as it overwrites the Payload styles if active.

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    ysionelast year

    Great, thank you that helped though table still have issue, I think one line of css should fix it or there something else I missing?

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    sejdenlast year

    Hm. Not sure why that could be happening. Try narrowing it to a Minimal Reproducible example and it might be easier to debug

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    iampromptlast year

    I found that it would be a little bit strange if we use TailwindCSS with PayloadCMS. The default root size for TW is 16px while the payload is 13px. TW is base on rem size so that the size we use for tw in payload is not the same as we normally do in others application.

    @jmikrut Is it possible to override the css both components and layout in one file without using !important?? Since I see payload use a separate scss file for each component. I'm not sure, if I rewrite the css with the existing class it would work or not?

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    ysionelast year

    Found the issue, for some reason after build css file had class table which sets


    , other than that all good, thank you for your help

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    iampromptlast year

    I think many issues are based on the preflight that we skip. Such the border, addition to the




    , you need to add


    for the border to show up. If not, it just shows nothing.

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    blupandamanlast year

    What did you change in order to get the table width to show properly?

    Was it somethings in globals?

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    ysionelast year

    Sorry, can't recall it, but I believe that I had a string as one of the props for component that had a "table" in it, so tailwind parser counted it as class, thats why it was in compiled file, I just renamed the string

    Maybe there is something similar

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    nonfungibletunjilast year

    Any tailwind best practices? I would like to use tailwind instead .scss

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