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Two-way relationship between fields

4 weeks ago

I have a 2 collections:

const Users: CollectionConfig = {
   {//working in companies
      name: "companies",
      type: "relationship",
      relationTo: "companies",
      hasMany: true,

const Companies: CollectionConfig = {
      name: "workers",
      type: "relationship",
      relationTo: "users",
      hasMany: true,

Is there a way to

manage two-way relationship


When i'm adding a company in users


then it will update this exact company and add this user to


field, and vice versa for deleting?

I guess it should work similarly like relationships in keystonejs, where you can enter a field in a collection like "Companies.workers" and it will manage it by itself.

Maybe i've missed something in docs, but i didnt found a better solution than to add a lot of hooks for both fields and use


to update another entity.

  • denolfe
    Payload Team
    4 weeks ago

    Payload does not have an official way to manage 2-way relationships. The hook method that you describe is used in this community plugin which may be what you need.
  • Daniq
    4 weeks ago

    Thanks, i've tried to use this one and i realized that for it breaks more than fixes, so i guess i will reformat my collections in some way to reduce relationships.

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