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Sasuke1412010 months ago

I added a custom endpoint


for login on Front-end though it is working fine, I'm unable to use


for login using payload-cms. Can someone help me with this?

attached code reference as an image.

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    10 months ago

    By adding a custom endpoint that is already one that payload adds for you are effectively replacing the


    endpoint with your own.

    If you wish to have a separate process for logging in users you have two options:

    1. Use a different endpoint path so that the route isn't replacing Payload's built-in login.

    2. Make a separate


    collection that is used by your admin panel and does not override the login endpoint.

    @Sasuke14120 What do you think of those two options? I would probably do the first, seems like less work involved

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    Sasuke1412010 months ago

    I would also choose the 1st first.

    Thank you Dan.

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