Unable to login locally after initial setup

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last month

After initializing a new Payload CMS Cloud app and copying the repository down, I'm unable to login locally.

1. Copied the MongoDB string from my account dashboard on Payload for MONGODB_URI in .env

2. Added Payload Secret from the project settings page on Payload as PAYLOAD_SECRET in .env

3. Run

yarn build


yarn dev

4. Try to login with login that works in Payload Cloud

5. Server logs AuthenticationError: The email or password provided is incorrect and I'm unable to login.

I searched the GitHub issues as well as discussions and couldn't find anything. I must be missing something simple in the docs as this is step 1 of getting up and running.

Thanks for your help!

Ok, I think I might have just got my wires crossed between logins for Payload and the actual CMS login, d'oh. I removed the user via mongo and recreated and it is resolved now.

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