Unable To Overwrite Auto Populating Custom Text Field

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aayush2148 months ago

I have a custom field which is a calculated value that depends on 2 sibling fields. The following function uses setValue to populate that field inside of a useEffect function with siblings as dependencies.

The problem:

If I manually change that field (which at times I would like to), it persists to the database with the overwritten value, but upon page refresh it shows the calculated field since the useEffect runs on load. Is there a way in payload to make it effect only if a sibling value is changed manually and not on load? is useEffect the correct way to do it?

import React, { useEffect } from "react"; import { useField, useAllFormFields, reduceFieldsToValues, Label, TextInput, } from "payload/components/forms"; import { Props } from "payload/components/fields/Text"; export const CustomOutgoingPayment: React.FC<Props> = ({ path, label, name, }) => { const { value, setValue } = useField<string>({ path }); const [fields] = useAllFormFields(); const formData = reduceFieldsToValues(fields, true); const calculationFunction = () => { let calculatedOutgoingPayment = formData?.incomingPayment - formData?.incomingPayment * (formData?.calculationPercentage / 100); setValue(calculatedOutgoingPayment); }; useEffect(() => { calculationFunction(); }, [formData.incomingPayment, formData.calculationPercentage]); return ( <> <Label label={label} /> <TextInput value={value !== undefined ? value : ""} name={name} path="OutgoingPaymentField" onChange={(e) => setValue(e.target.value)} /> </> ); };

I suppose it became more of a React question. I managed to solve this by changing the useEffect() to use the mount pattern with a custom hook. Code is as follows:

Replace the useEffect with the following:

const useEffectAfterMount = (cb, dependencies) => { const mounted = useRef(true); useEffect(() => { if (!mounted.current) { return cb(); } mounted.current = false; }, dependencies); }; useEffectAfterMount(() => { calculationFunction(); }, [formData.incomingPayment, formData.calculationPercentage]);
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