Unintuitive Field Error Message & Color

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2 weeks ago

Hi. Is there a way to alert the user more specifically where the invalid field is located? The red * makes me assume that is what the error is alerting to, which is false, it's actually alerting of an invalid field in a different tab.

The vid shows the user experience

After I add a Content block, the Title is still highlighted as an invalid field, though the Product is successfully created after hitting publish. Why? I'm using the e-commerce template.

Rich text also has a red * next to it. Is this alerting me that it's just a required field, not an invalid field? If so, I'd like the colour to be white, and red only when it's invalid?


Unintuitive Field Error Message

Unintuitive Field Error Message & Color

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    Payload Team
    2 weeks ago

    hey @Taun ok so a few things

    the red * just denotes that a field is required, not that it's invalid

    and we have an open roadmap item to surface invalid fields within tabs / collapsibles / etc. - - right now, it's hard to see invalid fields if they are not opened in an active tab or visible within a collapsible - but this is due to be improved very shortly

    last note - it doesn't appear to me that you did successfully publish in the video

    you clicked the button, which ran the validation and failed, therefore preventing the publish

    note that you CAN save drafts that do not pass validation, so you had a draft saved, which was not valid, but you can't publish

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    2 weeks ago

    I see, thanks James. These changes will be good - the red typically represents invalid and if it's invalid it'll be great for the CMS to alert to exactly where. Just the asterix * is enough for required fields.

    "The color red is commonly used to indicate invalid input. People who have certain types of color blindness will be unable to determine the input's state unless it is accompanied by an additional indicator that does not rely on color to convey meaning. Typically, descriptive text and/or an icon are used."

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