Upload collection hook to add an image path property to the collection?

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9 months ago

This is an issue I can work around, but I'm a little confused how it might be possible to, when you save an item in an upload collection, take the collection name and filename to form a relative path that would be ideal to use on a consuming app.

For instance, collection name is


, image name is


. The hook then runs when you add or update an image and somehow facilitates a value of


to the GraphQL API request for this image.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I'm guessing the reason why I'm not getting the upload details in a hook is because you only get the field details instead. Would I need to use plugin functionality maybe?

Came up with what feels like another work-around on this. Used the hook to copy the data contents and add a relativeUrl property. Then I query the new property instead of the original.

Curious if the generatedFileUrl is what I'll end up needing to use though... will keep posted.

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