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4 months ago


I'm just using a simple Upload field in a Media collection. I've uploaded a video and payload now returns a "url" property for this video. Is there a way to rename or map the "url" property to "src"?

Motivation: I have existing components that are looking for a "src" property... is there an easy way to expose the "url" value as a "src" property?

{ "id": "645a933e4345b7c3d6b302ca", "alt": "Alt Text", "filename": "home-masthead-video.mp4", "mimeType": "video/mp4", "filesize": 20000000, "createdAt": "2023-05-09T18:38:54.528Z", "updatedAt": "2023-05-09T18:38:54.528Z", "url": "https://s3.amazonaws.com/path-to-video.mp4" }


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    4 months ago

    @paritypete URL is the common property name for uploads

    Wouldn't it be easier to map it to src?

    Or create a duplicate field that copies the value to a prop named src

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    4 months ago

    @notchr Yes I would like to map the current "url" property to a "src" property. How would I do that? I'm not sure how to modify the data that gets exposed by the upload field.

    My current "videoUrl" field looks like:

    { name: 'videoUrl', label: 'Video URL', type: 'upload', relationTo: 'media', },

    And the Media collection is:

    export const Media: CollectionConfig = { slug: 'media', upload: { disableLocalStorage: true, staticDir: path.resolve(__dirname, '../../media'), adminThumbnail: ({ doc }) =>


    , }, access: { read: () => true, }, fields: [ { name: 'alt', type: 'text', required: true, }, ] }

    If it's not easy to do in payload then yes I can simply fix it in my react components... it's just a matter of making this change in potentially hundreds of places... if it's easy to change in payload then I'd rather change it in payload. Thanks!

    For anyone who might find this question, I found I was able to add a


    property using an



    hooks: {
        afterRead: [
            async ({ doc }) => {
                return {
                    src: doc.url,
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