Using Aliases in backend?

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generator101last year

Looking at the demo,

I see a lot of imports like this

import MediaContent from '../../blocks/MediaContent';
import populateFullTitle from './hooks/populateFullTitle';
import MediaSlider from '../../blocks/MediaSlider';

I tried to use aliases by modifying the tsconfig file

but getting error, has anyone been able to use aliases path?

Idealy importing like this

import MediaContent from '@/blocks/MediaContent';

I keep getting


I see this structure was used on the website,

but not sure why the same thing doesnt working for the cms

@jmikrut any ideas about this?

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    last year

    Yes, I am about to step out for a bit but this has been covered a few times before in GitHub discussions. You have to alias in a few places (TS, Webpack, and Node itself) for the CMS

    here's one

    but this one i don't think was ever solved fully. but it will give you some background

    i know people do it

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    generator101last year

    oh I see

    yeah this is exactly my issue right now, VSCode recognizes the path but running dev server gives error that module not found

    I gave up on this after spending 3 hours, I could not get it to work, I think it would be great if this can be done easily like nextjs so just modifying the tsconfig file could work

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    reepicheep05last year

    I was able to get this working with


    package and have the typescript intellisense working. I'm going to attach a few screenshots for reference if anyone else comes across this. If anyone has suggestions on doing this natively with node instead of using that package I would love to hear it.

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    twansparant7 months ago

    Hi @reepicheep05 I'm trying to achieve the exact same thing as you. My typescript paths are working in my editor, but I'm still getting the

    Cannot find module '@collections/Pages'

    error on start. I'm trying to setup these module-alias, but I was wundering if you also added this line somewhere like stated in the docs:

    Then add this line at the very main file of your app, before any code
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