Various issues with migrating to 2.0

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last month

I am doing migration from last 1.x version to 2.0 by following patchnote instruction. I encountered few issues on the way

1. (Already reported by other people) webpack + pnpm results in module not found error

2. Using vite adapter breaks admin panel on each change. After each change to source files nodemon restarts server. Admin panel then instantly disconnects and tries to reload itself. But since server restart takes some time, reloading of admin panel times out, only blank white page is displayed instead (sometimes default browser error page "unable to connect"). And it requires full manual reload to bring admin panel back to life

3. After applying database migration for drafts admin panel stops showing documents in collections with enabled versioning. They still exist, can be accessed from api and from relationship field. Only in collection list they are not displayed. It happens because admin panel sends request with


search param, which then returns empty array. Withtout this search param it returns everything as intended (this is why documents are visible in other places). Access settings make no difference here, even with always returning true for access it still gives empty array

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