Version details page incorrect (?) date

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3 months ago

Hi, I'm confused about the way document versioning works in Payload. I've got it set up as

  versions: {
    drafts: {
      autosave: false,
    maxPerDoc: 10,

in one of my collections. When I click the "x versions found" link in the sidebar I'm greeted with a page listing all the recent changes to the document. Howver, when I click on one of the dates in the first column I'm being redirected into version details page - with a date below "Version created on:" that does not match the date that I clicked on.

I've attached a quick screencast.

Also: the "Compare version against:" dropdown has the same date listed multiple times (screenshot included).

How can I debug this? I'm running payload@1.8.6 (as payload-swagger is incompatible with newer versions).

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