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Versioning on a new global with no past saved versions will throw an error

4 weeks ago

Hello fellas,

It appears that I'm unable to save/publish anything to a new global if there isn't already a saved/published version of that global in the DB when versioning is enabled.

Payload will throw

TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object

I was able to remedy this by disabling versioning, saving/publishing changes such that there is one published version of the doc saved in the DB, then re-enabling versioning, which after this point no longer throws an error

Is someone able to corroborate that this happens to them too?

  • bobbyZ
    3 weeks ago

    yeah happening here too at 1.6.15

  • dribbens
    Payload Team
    3 weeks ago

    I was able to recreate this, I'm opening a new issue on Github and will be patching it today.

    I have a PR open, we'll do some merging and get a release out sometime this week.

  • sesons
    3 weeks ago

    thanks Dan

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