Webpack bundle analyzer plugin doesn't start

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Rick | Byont Labs
2 months ago

For unknown reasons the browsers sometimes loads a payload bundle of 38mb.

I want to analyze this with webpack-bundle-analyzer but nothing happens if I add this as a plugin. Its like it doesnt run..?

Though I can see in the debugger that it is instantiated.


const mockModulePath = path.resolve(__dirname, 'mocks/serverModule.js');

// some config and then
webpack: (config) => ({
      plugins: [...config.plugins, plugin],
      resolve: {
        alias: {
          BundleAnalyzerPlugin: mockModulePath,
          [path.resolve(__dirname, 'bundleAnalyzer')]: mockModulePath


import { BundleAnalyzerPlugin } from 'webpack-bundle-analyzer';
const plugin = new BundleAnalyzerPlugin({});

export default plugin;

Figured it out, ...config was overwriting my plugin 🙂

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