Where can I find docs or learning material in javascript code not in typescript?

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10 months ago

I just got introduced to PayloadCMS via youtube live called

"The Future of CMS: An Inside Look at Payload with Founder James Mikrut"

I got interested and it's the perfect solution for all we need now, but I don't code in Typescript, and all examples are in Typescript, is there any other documentation where I can get reference code in javascript

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    Payload Team
    10 months ago

    The Node ecosystem as a whole appears to be moving to TypeScript, which is why all of our examples are in TS. We decided to have all of our documentation in TS since it was too much of a burden to maintain both TS/JS - especially when it appeared 90% of the people interested in Payload were using TS.

    You can still use Payload with vanilla JS, you may just have to strip out the types from the code in the documentation

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