Why does payload generate:types not include collection arrays?

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7 months ago

We are getting a list of news items from payload using the rest API which returns the below JSON.

When we use the keyword

payload generate:types

it doesn't include a root type for the docs array.

We've managed to get around it by providing a news root type as shown below. Is there any way to not have to do this? We have a lot of collections of data we need to fetch.

News root type we have created

export interface NewsRoot {
  docs: News[]

News type generated by payload

export interface News {
  id: string;
  newsTitle: string;
  newsSubtitle?: string;
  tags?: string[] | Tag[];
  publishDate: string;
  newsBackgroundImage?: string | Media;
  newsDescription: {
    [k: string]: unknown;
  createdAt: string;
  updatedAt: string;

News Response JSON

         "newsTitle":"Example News Post",
         "newsSubtitle":"Example subtitle ",
               "tagName":"Tag 1",
               "tagName":"Tag 2",
                     "text":"Example news post"
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    Payload Team
    6 months ago

    Hi @MRL - we will definitely include this in our future updates to


    , I've made a note on a related github discussion that you can find here

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    6 months ago

    Thanks @jesschow. I will keep an eye out for a future update 🙂

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