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How to encrypt field level using payload?

4 months ago
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I am new to payload and I was hoping if payload can handle encrypt field level to DB and decrypt on payload UI

  • DanRibbens
    Payload Team
    4 months ago

    Here is an example using Payload's own ecrypt and decrypt functions.

    // encryptionHooks.ts
    import { FieldHook } from 'payload/types';
    const encryptKey: FieldHook = ({ req, value }) => (value ? req.payload.encrypt(value as string) : undefined);
    const decryptKey: FieldHook = ({ req, value }) => (value ? req.payload.decrypt(value as string) : undefined);
    const encryptionHooks = {
      beforeChange: [
      afterRead: [
    export default encryptionHooks;

    Example usage in a field:

    import encryptionHooks from '../../fields/encryptionHooks';
    const Customers: CollectionConfig = {
    	slug: 'customers',
    	fields: [
    			name: 'ssn',
    			label: 'SSN',
    			type: 'text',
    			hooks: encryptionHooks,
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  • kalib-code
    4 months ago

    so payload encrypts and decrypt is already in the payload you just need to use it. that's amazing

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