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Probably something easy on my part, but for some reason I am getting below error on my frontend when trying to access images from CMS:

Forbidden: You are not allowed to perform this action.
    at new ExtendableError (/app/node_modules/.pnpm/payload@1.2.4_mwhvu7sfp6vq5ryuwb6hlbjfka/node_modules/payload/src/errors/APIError.ts:26:11)
    at new APIError (/app/node_modules/.pnpm/payload@1.2.4_mwhvu7sfp6vq5ryuwb6hlbjfka/node_modules/payload/src/errors/APIError.ts:43:5)
    at new Forbidden (/app/node_modules/.pnpm/payload@1.2.4_mwhvu7sfp6vq5ryuwb6hlbjfka/node_modules/payload/src/errors/Forbidden.ts:7:5)
    at executeAccess (/app/node_modules/.pnpm/payload@1.2.4_mwhvu7sfp6vq5ryuwb6hlbjfka/node_modules/payload/src/auth/executeAccess.ts:9:43)
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
    at /app/node_modules/.pnpm/payload@1.2.4_mwhvu7sfp6vq5ryuwb6hlbjfka/node_modules/payload/src/auth/getExecuteStaticAccess.ts:14:28

All my collections are accessed using the same client and basic Authentication with JWT token.

Below is my Image Collection config:

export const Images: CollectionConfig = {
  slug: 'images',
  admin: {
    useAsTitle: 'filename',
  upload: {
    staticURL: '/media',
    staticDir: 'media',
    adminThumbnail: 'thumbnail',
    mimeTypes: ['image/*'],
  fields: [...

I am also using CloudStorage access for non-local application:

plugins: [
      collections: {
        [Images.slug]: {
            process.env.AWS_ASSET_STORAGE_ENABLED === 'true' ? S3Adapter : null,

Probably something easy, but I cannot locate it. All the other collections are normally retrieved.
What is even more strange is when I login to CMS via UI, images on Frontend start suddenly appearing (?)

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    last year

    This makes sense, you should define a read access control on your image collection, like so:

    access: {
      read: () => true

    Access control defaults to checking if a user exists on the request, which is why they appear when you are logged in.

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    adam-mroziklast year

    Just a note, if anyone encounters it as well:

    While this might have been partially an issue as well, my main issue was oauthproxy wall I had on my Frontend and CMS. Weird that it only affected images, but lifting oauth wall from /images path did the trick

    Thanks for the answer though!

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