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is there any front end example?

9 months ago
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Hi, I'm new here.

I understand Payload is a headless CMS so I need to develop front end web sites to receive data from Payload and show visual representation. And my question is is there any examples for scaffold front end projects which I can learn how to connect data from Payload and front end.

Thanks in advance.

  • jmikrut
    Payload Team
    9 months ago

    Hey @kouohhashi — welcome!

    We do have an in-depth YouTube series that shows how to create an entire website, including Payload and NextJS, from scratch.

    You can find the first video in the series here:

    This video in specific combines Next and Payload into a single server, which is not necessarily applicable for huge projects, but can offer some simplicity overall. Lots of stuff can be learned.

    Here's the code:

    We're planning on releasing lots more of these soon too!

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  • kouohhashi
    9 months ago

    Thanks I'll try it!

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