Question: Is there a recommended approach to split deployments?

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andwrobslast year
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Hi all,

Is there a recommended approach to split deployments, i.e. a separate deployment for Admin and API?

Approaches we've considered:

  • Use the disable properties for Admin and GraphQL (but we weren't sure how to disable the REST API...)
  • Disabling top level access on internal deployment

Use case:
My team wants to externally expose the Admin panel, but keep the API internal—because our app hits a service that pulls from the CMS internally (+ Cloud CDN caching).

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    last year

    Yes, you can—Payload's admin UI gets built to the build folder, and if you place all of those files on a separate host, you can deploy them separately. Just make sure you have the proper serverURL set, pointing at the backend API location, when you build the admin panel files. 👍

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