Slate.js plugin | Error: The `useSlate` hook must be used inside the <Slate> component's context.

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6 months ago
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Hi ! 🙂

I copied the largeBody Slate.js plugin from the public-demo to my repo and it works perfectly. I did a blockquote plugin based on this model and it works well too. But when I'm trying to use slightly more sophisticated plugins like hr, I get the following error :

The `useSlate` hook must be used inside the <Slate> component's context.

Do you have any idea why the <Slate> context is not available?
I installed the slate package in version 0.91.4 and the slate-react package in version 0.91.10

Thanks for your help

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    Payload Team
    6 months ago

    Hey there - this is because you have two copies of Slate in use - one local, and one within Payload. Instead of installing a separate copy of slate / slate-react, just use Payload's copies.

    You could also try making sure to match the slate and slate-react versions exactly to what Payload uses internally in its own package.json.

    Last thing, if you do want to have additional copies of Slate installed, you could write a Webpack alias to make sure that when you import Slate, it always points to the same copy of Slate.

    This is a React problem more than anything, with how it handles context / etc. But this should be what you need here.

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    6 months ago

    Thank you so much @jmikrut ! It works perfectly

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