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momin-riyadhlast year
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I'm a Web Front-End Developer who will be responsible for the complete lifecycle of scalable, secure, and well-designed software products from research and design to implementation. I’ll be working closely with designers, analysts, quality assurance, and other teams to translate each design into real-life products.

I'm just exploring payload! Looking for something similar to or better than WP CMS and I'm determined to switch MERN stack.

My question is: Am I implementing payload for all kinds of application admin panels like e-commerce, erp, etc?

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    last year

    Hey @momin-riyadh — pumped that you've found us!

    Payload can work for any type of app admin panel you can think of. Ecommerce and ERP included.

    To-date, a ton of very advanced apps have been built which are powered by Payload:

    • Uber-like snow plowing service, and another lawncare equivalent is coming out soon
    • Virtual events platform
    • Video game backend
    • Ecommerce sites
    • Large, enterprise websites
    • Small designer websites
    • Assessment tool-style questionnaire which calculates scores and presents them to users
    • Broadcast platform

    Lots more. You can build anything! It's a perfect replacement for WP.

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    momin-riyadhlast year

    Good to know! Let's the explore begin. I will be happy to know contribute guidelines and willing to suggest a lot of feature and many more.....

    Thanks Payload Teams

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