Content management for websites—simple to enterprise.

Payload is the modern, developer-first headless CMS for any type of website. Deliver your website editors a beautiful admin panel with the exact features they need.

Enterprise website powered by Payload

No field limits or API quotas

Give content editors and marketers the perfect editing experience for any design, and build the frontend with any framework you want.

Scale with as little to no-code as needed, configure fields into the perfect structure for any web presence. The Payload configuration defines the admin panel experience and fully functional APIs for a complete solution to content management and delivery.

Layout Builder

Give your editors a page builder.

Give too much control and your site will start to look like a kaleidoscope. Give too little, and you’ll have editors harping on the dev team to create more features.

The Payload Blocks field is the best way to build enterprise websites that live up to marketing demands.

Rich Text Editor

Build your own branded Rich Text elements.

The rich text field is fully extensible. Give editors access to elements like headings, links and uploads or configure the editor to embed complex relationships.

By building custom components within the field itself, anything is possible. Content is stored as JSON—not HTML, so you can use it anywhere.


Localization & i18n

Manage content for every language needed and deliver it to multiple domains or a single website with language translations. Choose which fields are localized, even within nested structures or relationships.


Conditional Logic

Payload has an easy way to show and hide fields based on the value of other fields. For example, you might have an “Enable Link” checkbox, that, when checked, a few more fields should be rendered.


User Roles

Build smart role-based access control patterns into your CMS however you need. The Admin UI reacts dynamically to show admins what they can and can't edit.



Payload’s official SEO plugin enables robust tooling to put your editors in complete control of your site’s search engine optimization.



Preview is baked in. Use Payload's Drafts and Versions to allow your editors to easily preview their content as they create it.


White-labeled UI

Whitelabel your CMS and make it match your website's branding. Theme everything about the UI—from logo to color scheme.

Get up and running with one line

Getting started is easy—and free forever. Just fire up a new terminal window and run the following command:

npx create-payload-app