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Best place to deploy payloadcms?

2 weeks ago

I know there are lots of ways to deploy it, but I wanted to know you guys favorite options, I didn't want to use aws EC3 mostly because I think for what I have it is too much

I love how vercel or amplify works while deploying apps and how it connects to github actions, do you know if there is something similar that you can deploy payloadcms that is as easy as that ?

  • jacobsfletch
    Payload Team
    2 weeks ago

    Payload Cloud 🌥️

    This is marked as roadmap priority 1 and is being actively developed. I've deployed on Digital Ocean dozens of times, which works well but requires all the manual setup. We have some helpful tutorials for this listed in our docs here:

    . You can also leverage Docker if you're doing this often or want to make standardize things, more on that here:
  • TheFrontend
    2 weeks ago

    I can highly recommend digitalOcean. But instead of spinning up a droplet (as in the documentation) you can simply deploy it as an „App“. Only very little configutration needed, autmatic deploys from your Github repository 🙏

  • eloahsam
    2 weeks ago

    i would suggest google cloud run, this will surely help
  • Migu
    2 weeks ago

    for anyone finding this through the search, I'm currently using Railway and this is my setup (I'm using it inside a turborepo but you can replace it with simple yarn build & yarn start if you don’t).

    The experience is ok, will definitely go for the upcoming official platform once it's available though

  • Franco
    2 weeks ago

    For me the best place is railway, but I also deploy to my vps with coolify and work really well (Better when you need more resources because it's more cheap).

  • kosmo
    2 weeks ago

    I'm using but it's extra paid

  • tylandavis
    2 weeks ago

    I use Digital Ocean App platform for Payload. To me, it feels very similar to deploying on Vercel (which I use to deploy my frontend)

  • Hyra10
    2 weeks ago

    thank you for your suggestions 🙇‍♂️

  • roac
    last week

    What have you entered for your base and publish directory

  • Alessio 🍣
    last week

    Fuck I should have known about that earlier - would have saved me SO much money.

    Any reason why you'd use railway over that? And is Coolify really just that one command, or do you still need to do boilerplate stuff like hardening the server for security, auto-updates etc?

  • Franco
    last week

    I use railway when on a really low demand to payloadCMS when I can use the free credit. Otherwise, coolify for me is the absolute way to go.

    Just one command and deploy is super easy, also have autoupdates. You don't need to care of nothing else than deploy.

    Base directory and configure the build commands. Less than 10 min for sure.

  • noheadphones
    last week

    damn, coolify looks amazing, thanks!

  • Kyr
    last week

    I've deployed to Railway for low demand instances. I've also recently deployed to an Azure App Service which is a little more involved but works well once you figure out all the quirks.

    For Azure App Services the main things you'll need are:

    - An Azure Container Registry

    - A DevOps pipeline (to build and publish the dockerfile to the registry)

    - An Azure App Service set to deploy the docker image from the registry

    The main "gotcha" I hit was that the Dockerfile needed to have any


    environment variables added to it before the build command so that they are compiled in for the admin ui.

    I use a


    variable to set the serverUrl on the payload config so I can have multiple environments.

  • wiesson
    last week

    The free instance works as well, but it's pretty annoying because the instance shuts down and it takes a couple of seconds to "wake up".

  • PegasusFJ
    last week

    I just got cheapest VPS hosting on Hetzner, installed docker, made deploy docker image and run the container there. $3.5 a month plus backup options.. makes it around $5 monthly for 2Gb 2vCPU virtual server. Runs like a charm.

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